Welcome to the 21 century, where you can think about your bridge design and have a fun at the same time. Yes, There is a lot of games about architecture and designs, but Cargo bridge 2 is the most amusing way to do a work and enjoy with it.

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Cargo Bridge 2

If you want to build a most amazing bridges and write a new history about how to solve the hardest missions in the easiest ways and get so much pleasure, you have to play this game.

Because of awesome gameplay and cool textures, Cargo bridge is already a best game in the world about being a bridge engineering expert.In my opinion, if you start playing this flash-amazing thing, you can't stop and be addicted of winning every round and built all beautiful bridges meanwhile. Also, here you have all opportunities to do this in any way you want. Don't worry, if you don't know physics so well, this game will teach you every aspect of it and after several tours, your job gives you the opportunity to open your brain's most creative sides.

What is the game about ?!

This game gives you the chance to be a real bridge engineer and built a practical bridge, or also a piece of art, if you want. There is so many ways to play and cool possibilities to do a hard work without boring part. The idea of the game is that, you have to get boxes on one side to the other and to do this, road requires a new bridge which will transfer your character. But that bridge have to be also strong and built on the right way, to stay connected and don't broke with boxes relative mass or the quantity of matter contained and heaviness. The point of the story is simply and easy to navigate, but after several maps, job getting complicated. I can't say it's getting harder, because if you have enough creativity, you solve missions without problem and help a cargo guy to take the cargo from one part to another. There is no lives or limit, you can play as many tours as you wish and start again then, but you can't earn cash without a win.

Insides of the game

When the first Cargo bridge is released, it was already full of opportunities and so many ways to do a job with fun. Authors did their best not only as a flash game maker, but also as a great engineer to create a most realistic engineering game. Now, developers put so much effort on the second one too and make a better game with more maps, missions, goals to accomplish and of course, a new story with cargo guy. Graphics are better with an additional amount of colors. There is a beautiful backgrounds and awesome animals. Also that new version has Explosives and game with dynamites is always cool. There are 3 different levels in the game and all of them need a different way and tactics to play. Each of them has 20 tours and every tour is an unusual from others and have different occasions.

Also, there is another big plus of this game and its that, you can play with maps made by other players all around the world, which is great, because they are full of fun and creativity. Besides, for win, you have to spend money clever, because every bridge detail is expensive and if you spend too much for wrong construction, your bridge will fall. For example, some maps needs a contrasting way of building, like powerups.

Game give you 3 types of extra power. one of them gives you chance to built longer bridge part and to buy and get this feature, you have to complete map fast and get coins. Also, when you are building a new bridge, you have to use hanger woods and ropes to connect bridge's walking part.