Cargo Bridge is back with the second version. Huraah! I loved this game and waited too long to see the new version. Now, it is live. As I`m fan of this game and played too long time the first version, the second was really nice one and i already love it. Cargo Bridge 2 is much more better game than the first version.

Click Here to play Cargo Bridge 2

Cargo Bridge 2

In this version, you will see new things and gameplay. It is really much more interesting. Your goal is to collect all the necessary items to complete game.
You will see here 60 levels with 3 themes. They are different from each other and special for every player. Some of them are too hard, some of them are easy ones. As pro player, my goal was to complete all the levels, and finally I did it.

Here you can see also new cargo types, and it is very nice news for Cargo Bridge lovers. Coz, it gives us new opportunities and another view of the game.

Here you can also use Level editor to edit and organize your maps and tours. Also, please comment your opinions and wishes via our Facebook comment system below.